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Companionship is so important when you are caring for a loved one. Sometimes the elderly are in need of friendship or a feeling of fellowship. There are many individuals who may not necessarily need full care, but simply a listening ear or a hand to hold. I make sure that I provide loving companionship to each and every client as it is my duty to ensure my clients feel loved and know that they are not alone during this rough time.


Medical reminders and properly dispensing medications to clients is very important. I closely manage all medications and document specific dates and times they are administered as well as follow-ups on PRN and opioid medications. In addition to administering medications, I can be responsible for re-ordering medications and taking the client to doctors appointments. I'm also experienced in taking vital signs, CPR/First Aid, administering food through a feeding tube, and many more medical tasks.


Light housekeeping

Light housekeeping services include but are not limited to: 

Home cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, dusting), bathroom cleaning (sanitation), bedroom cleaning (bed making, linen changes), kitchen cleaning (dish-washing, counter top and cupboard cleaning), laundry (washing, drying, ironing, folding and putting away clothes), and caring for household plants and pets. 



"Caregiving is the act of providing assistance and support to family members or acquaintances who have physical, psychological, or developmental needs. Caring for others generally takes on three forms: instrumental, emotional, and informational caring. Instrumental help includes activities such as shopping for someone who is disabled or cleaning for an elderly parent. Caregiving also involves a great deal of emotional support, which may include listening, counseling, and companionship. Finally, part of caring for others may be informational in nature, such as learning how to alter the living environment of someone in the first stages of dementia."



Compassion is knowing when to be the shoulder to cry on and when to be the motivator for life changing health habits. A compassionate caregiver goes beyond daily linen changes, and medication regimens. They are a caring caregiver who acts not out of duty, but out of love from her heart and sincere concern.