Q. If I need long-term care, but I'm not sure how long it will be can I still hire you? 

Answer: Yes, you can hire me for any time period. After we have an interview, the time period is totally in your control. The time period is YOUR choice.

Q. If me or my loved one goes to the hospital and gets admitted for only 3 days, what happens then?

Answer: You will have the option to decide whether you want me to stay in the hospital with him/her or not. I have had clients in the past that I've stayed overnight in the hospital with them just to ensure that they are well taken care of, as well as make sure they don't feel alone or afraid.

Q. I need full time care including 7 days a week. Do you have anyone to cover your off days? 

Answer: No need to worry! I am here to help in all areas. I can find you a reliable caregiver to cover my off days or if you need additional care hours. I will run background checks, set up interviews, and make sure you have all proper identification on him/her.

Q. My loved one lives in an assisted loving home, can I still hire you?

Answer: Absolutely! Whether your loved one lives in an Assisted Living Facility, their own home, Nursing Home, or Senior Community... I am available.

Q. Are you comforable around pets?

Answer: Yes, in fact I'm comfortable around all pets.

Q. My loved one smokes inside their home, Are you comfortable in this setting?

Answer: Yes. I believe that a person should be comfortable enough to do whatever they want to in the privacy of their home regardless of who comes in.

Q. My love one likes to go places, but never has the help to do so. Will you provide transportation to non job related places? 

Answer: Absolutely! I can provide my vehicle or drive the client's vehicle for transportation. Also, whether it's going to the doctor's office or going to the mall to shop, I'm here to help! I actually love to get my clients out of the house to have some fun!